Firstly client has to  Integrate VideoIdKyc SDK from maven repository by adding given dependencies into Client's Application project level build.gradle file-

repositories {
maven { url "" }

maven {
url ""
credentials {

username '<your username>’

password '<your password>'   }

To configure dependencies, Modify build.gradle file to add the following dependencies. In ( Module : app ) - build.gradle add:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.khoslalabs.sdk:videoidkyc:<latest version>'
            implementation 'com.khoslalabs.sdk:base:<latest version>'
            // add only if OCR functionality is required
            implementation 'com.khoslalabs.sdk:ocrsdk:<latest version>'

Client's application invokes Android SDK using intent. To invoke initSDK intent call, the Client would need to pass  client_code, API_key and salt which will be given to the client during onboarding.